Safety Notice: Voluntary Product Recall Certain Lots of A79 Hard Hats Included in Salisbury Arc Flash Kits

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Voluntary Product Recall of Certain Lots of A79 Hard Hats Included in Salisbury Arc Flash Kits

Dear Customers,

Honeywell recently issued a voluntary recall notice regarding the Fibre Metal E2 Cap and North Peak A79 hard hats (the “Recall Notice”), a copy of which is attached to this letter as Exhibit A (please note that the Recall Notice has been modified from its original version solely to reflect the different contact emails and phone numbers for the Salisbury Customer Support team, as well as an updated link to Salisbury’s self-service website). The A79 hard hat was a component of all Salisbury Electrical Safety arc flash protective kits (up until March 2017, when Salisbury switched over to the North Zone hard hat for use in its arc flash kits). In addition, until March 2017, Salisbury paired the A79 hard hat with its arc flash face shields.

As such, it is important that we send you this letter and Recall Notice to highlight which Salisbury items might contain the affected hard hats and to provide instructions on the identification, segregation, and return of all impacted hard hats.

If you have purchased affected products (see below for instructions on how to identify which Salisbury part numbers are impacted), you will need to carefully review and follow the instructions in the Recall Notice.

Affected Salisbury Parts: The A79 hard hat was a component in all Salisbury arc flash safety kits if ordered before March 2017. Below is a quick guide to help identify which Salisbury part numbers contain a hard hat and thus would have shipped with an A79 if ordered before March 2017. Part numbers with the “-SPL” suffix are not affected by this notice and do not need to be reviewed in connection with this recall.

Part numbers beginning with:Description:Example part numberAffected versions:
SA79…A79 hard hatSA79R03All, except -CE
SK…Coat, bib and hood kitSK8LAll, except -SPL
SKA…Face shield, hat, balaclava kitSKA10All, except -SPL
SKC…Coat and face shield kitSKC8MAll, except -SPL
SKCA…Coverall kitSKCA11XLAll, except -SPL
SKCP…Coat and pants kitSKCP11MAll, except -SPL
AS1200HAT…Face shield and hard hat comboAS1200HAT-CLRAll, except -SPL
AS2000HAT…Face shield and hard hat comboAS2000HATAll, except -SPL
LFH40…Lift Front Hood unitsLFH40PLTAll, except -SPL

If you have ordered one of the foregoing parts, you must locate the part and inspect the hard hat component in accordance with the instructions set forth in the Recall Notice and, if you further distributed this product, notify your customers as further described in the Recall Notice.

For a full description of options on how to handle affected hard hats in your inventory, whether through returns or hard hat destruction, please see the original Recall notice below. For the fastest process please contact Salisbury’s customer service team by calling 1-877-406-4501 or emailing

Please note that any voucher you receive in connection with the self-service website for returning/destroying affected product (as described in the Recall Notice) may be applied toward Honeywell Salisbury products. Thank you for your attention to this urgent safety notice.

Appendix A



Dear Distributor Partner,

The safety of our products is our top concern at Honeywell. We have recently informed the market of a deviation in quality affecting certain lot numbers of our Fibre Metal E2 Cap and North Peak A79 hard hats that may render them unable to provide the impact protection for which they were designed and certified. The affected hats can be identified by manufacture date and lot number detailed on the attached document.

Although we are not aware of any safety incidents involving the affected hard hats, in cooperation with Health Canada and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, we are initiating a voluntary product recall of the affected items. In order to ensure the safety of our customers and end users, we request your help to ensure the affected products are segregated from your current inventory.

Below are instructions on how to identify and segregate the affected hard hat inventory. As noted in our prior communication, we ask that you:

  • Identify any affected hard hats in your inventory as soon as possible.
  • Stop sales and segregate them for return.
  • Return any affected inventory you have using the normal RMA return process.

Due to the potential safety issue, we will document and track all returns to ensure all affected hard hats are removed from service.

Our Customer Support team is standing by to help at 1-877-406-4501. They are available 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

Instructions for inventory you have on hand

  1. Determine if your inventory of Fibre Metal E2 Caps and North Peak A79 hard hats are affected by this recall.
    1. Included with this notice are instructions how to identify affected lot numbers for each hard hat. The instructions include photos showing where to find lot numbers on cartons of hard hats or manufacturing dates on individual hard hats if the cartons are not available.
  2. Segregate the affected hard hats for return.
  3. Please contact our customer support team dedicated to managing the recall by either calling 1-877-406-4501 or emailing HLSHSPSalisburyReturns@Honeywell.comand in the subject include “Recall Hard Hat Return”.
  4. Honeywell will credit your account with the amount you paid for such affected hard hats upon our receipt and validation of the returned product.

Instructions for inventory you sold to your customer

  1. If you have further distributed this product, please notify your customers of this recall at once. Click here for sample customer communication including the attached pages instructing customers how to identify affected product. We ask that you utilize this form for notification to ensure a consistent message. Honeywell can assist you in contacting your customers if necessary.
  2. Request that customers return affected product directly to you utilizing your normal return process.
  3. Please gather and return all affected products from customers by working with Honeywell dedicated customer support team at 1-888-212-6903. Alternatively, you may destroy the affected product and provide Honeywell with a signed Certificate of Destruction, received from Customer Support. You will not be reimbursed for destruction costs.
  4. Honeywell will credit your account with associated product costs following our receipt and validation of either the Certificate of Destruction or the returned product.

Instructions for customers with Vouchers

Honeywell is offering a self-service website for returning/destroying affected product for customers with less than 20 units to return. This website can be found at: http//

  1. Customers who use this website will be given a voucher for the manufacturer’s suggested list price once they confirm that they have properly destroyed and disposed of any affected products.
  2. Please honor any voucher presented to you for the amount specified to be applied toward any Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment (Honeywell, Howard Leight, Uvex, Fibre Metal and North brands).
  3. Submit the voucher to customer support by aggregating voucher number, amount and name of customer on a spreadsheet and emailing to
  4. Honeywell will replace any product sold by crediting your account with 70% of the value of the Voucher.

AFFECTED LOT NUMBERS:  See attached sheets

1. E2 List
2. A79 List

LOCATING LOT NUMBERS : The below images highlight the most common locations for lot number location. Actual location may vary.
Only certain lot numbers as described here are being recalled. The affected lots of Fibre Metal E2 Cap were shipped from our distribution center from May 2016 and between December 2017 to January 2018. The lots of North Peak A79 were from mold #4 and shipped from our distribution center from April 2016 through January 2018.
There are two ways to identify affected product :

  1. If the carton is available, compare lot number on the label on the carton to the list provided on the attached.
     Honeywell Industrial Safety 
  2. If the hard hats have already been removed from the case, the Lot Number will no longer be identifiable. In that case, look for the manufacturer’s date on the underside of the brim.
    1. The lots in question for Fibre Metal E2 Cap were produced in May 2016 and between December 2017 and January 2018, therefore, if the Lot Number is not available, return Fibre Metal E2 Caps with a manufacturer’s date of either December 2017 or January 2018.
       Honeywell Industrial Safety 
    2. The lots in question for North Peak A79 were produced from one of our molds (mold #4) from the period April 2016 through January 2018. Therefore, if the Lot Number is not available, return North Peak A79 hard hats with a manufacturer's date between April 2016 and January 2018 and have the mold identification number of "4".
       Honeywell Industrial Safety

Thank you for your urgent attention to this safety notice.

Tim Wolski
Product Marketing Manager
Honeywell Safety Products