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Fiberglass tools used in high voltage line work often get scuffed and damaged over time, rendering them potential safety hazards. These tools are usually stashed in warehouses: too expensive to throw out, too questionable to use in the field. Hi-Line’s Fiberglass Restoration program can turn this warehouse clutter into useful product, certified to meet ASTM standards.

To facilitate your tool restoration program, a Hi-Line container can be parked on your premises so tools can be collected, ridding your warehouse and property of clutter. When the container is full, Hi-Line will haul it away, inventory and restore every salvageable tool, and return them like new to your location, saving you thousands of dollars.

Call for Pricing! Hot Sticks & Arms • Ladders • Platforms

Fiberglass Restoration

In addition we restore all fiberglass tools including:

  • Arms (any kind with and w/o attachments)
  • Boltcutters (any kind we do handles too)
  • Boom Lifts and Auxiliary Arms
  • Cable Cutters
  • Conductor Supports
  • Disconnects and Universals
  • Elbow Pullers
  • Extension Resistors for Phase/Voltage Meters
  • Fiberglass Cant Hooks
  • Gins (Pole, Cross Arm, Transformer)
  • Handles (for any fiberglass tool)
  • Hoist Handles
  • Hook Ladders
  • Hot Arms (all kinds with and w/o attachments)
  • Insulated Bypass
  • Jumpers
  • Insulated Insulator Cradles
  • Insulated Jibs
  • Insulated Long Reach Cutters & Wrenches
  • Insulator Dry Cleaning System
  • Platforms (with and without railings)
  • Poles (any kind with and w/o attachments)
  • Shotguns (all kinds and parts)
  • Spray Sticks
  • Sticks (any kind with and w/o attachments)
  • Strain Carriers
  • Temp Conductor Supports & Cut Out Tools
  • Tension Puller Tools
  • Wire Tongs

Fiberglass Accessories

Fiberglass should be properly stored, inspected, protected, cleaned and waxed to maintain protective properties, minimize further damage, and reduce refinishing costs.

Huge in-stock selection: Hi-Line carries a huge, in-stock selection of everything you need to protect and maintain your fiberglass live line tools and equipment. View some of the many items we carry HERE