Need Repairs?

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Hi-Line Utility Supply builds and tests custom grounds and jumpers to the exact specifications of customers and can ship an assembly the same day the order is placed.

Hi-Line offers repairs and testing programs to meet individual customer requirements or any future ASTM standards. Hi-Line’s assembly, quality and quick delivery comes from years of experience and Hi-Line’s fully stocked warehouse containing all the components and tools required to build custom grounds and jumpers.

Hi-Line’s highly skilled and trained staff has been supplying custom grounds and jumpers to the utility industry for more than forty years, having delivered more than a half million sets. When was the last time you had your grounds or jumpers tested? Learn more by calling 800-323-6606.

New: Safer, Consistent Crimps Every Time with Finn Power Crimping Machine

All new, repaired, and re-certified sets are assembled utilizing the Finn Power Crimping Machine, producing a computerized, consistent crimp meeting OEM standards every time. These crimps meet or exceed pull out standards, providing an additional level of safety for the end user.

Custom Grounds & Jumpers
  • Jumpers
  • Shrouded Ferrules
  • Clamps
  • Ground Sets

Made to Your Specifications
Choose Complete Assemblies or Individual Components

1. Clamps: Clamping Size Range, Current Capacity, Application Clearance, and Terminal Connection Type (threaded or pressure type)

2. Cable: Length, Jacket Type, and Adequate Capacity to Withstand Maximum Potential System Fault Current Magnitude and Full Time Duration

3. Ferrules: Aluminum or Copper, Fit Cable Size, and Connection Type to Match Clamp (threaded or pressure type) Note: Either aluminum or copper ferrules may be used with copper cable.

4. Support Stud (replaces strap on strain relief clamp): This option recommended on only one clamp to help control lifting the set to the first clamp attachment point.

5. Shrink Tubing: This option recommended for stress relief and inspection of cable strands between ferrule and jacket.

Available Grounds/Jumper Services

  • Custom New:
    • Built to your specifications and tested per ASTM/OSHA standards
    • Quick Turnaround:
      • Average turnaround time is 24-48 Hours
      • Need them faster? Call us to review your needs: (800)323-6606
  • Repair /Recertification of Used Sets:
    • Hi-Line will inspect, test, and/or repair previously-used sets to ASTM and OSHA Standards.
    • Ready to send in your sets? Download your Repair forms (select the location closest to you)
      • Send to Hi-Line Illinois Facility
      • Sent to Hi-Line Millbury Facility

When was the last time you had your grounds or jumpers tested? Learn more by calling 800-323-6606.

Grounding Accessories

Grounds and Jumpers should be properly stored, inspected, protected, and cleaned maintain protective properties, reduce damage, and reduce repair / replacement costs.

Huge in-stock selection: Hi-Line carries a huge, in-stock selection of everything you need to protect and maintain your live line equipment. View some of the many items we carry for Grounds HERE and for Jumpers HERE