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Rubber Goods Sales and Testing

Whether you need new rubber goods, testing services, or a comprehensive inventory changeout program, Hi-Line is your "One Stop" rubber goods shop.

Rubber Goods Testing  

With two full service Rubber Goods Test Labs (Illinois and Massachusetts), Hi-Line tests over 250,000 rubber gloves, sleeves, blankets, line hose, hoods, and boots each year. We test all classes of rubber from Class 00 to Class 4.

Hi-Line’s test labs are climate controlled and state-of-the-art. All testing procedures conform to ASTM standards and involve thorough washing, visual inspection, dielectric testing, and date stamping.  Average turnaround is just 5-7 business days.

*These best practices reference federal OSHA regulations and ASTM standards. Please note that state OSHA regulations may have more stringent testing intervals than shown above.

Ready to send in your Rubber Goods for Testing?

CLICK HERE to download the Rubber Goods profile form. Fill out the form and include it in the package with your rubber goods.

Drop offs and pick-ups are also accepted. Any questions? Call 800-323-6606

Changeout Program  

Taking Rubber Goods testing to another level, Hi-Line Rubber Goods Change Out™ program insures that rubber products meet
or exceed ASTM standards and OSHA regulations while maximizing product usage. Like clockwork, rubber goods are cleaned, tested, custom date-stamped and on your dock when you need them.

The program allows crews to maximize usage of rubber products while minimizing warehouse inventory. For those who outsource this technical duty to the experts, Hi-Line is a great resource.

Through its Rubber Goods Change Out™ program, Hi-Line partners with utilities, contractors, and municipalities supporting as many as 4000 lineman or a crew of three.

New Rubber Goods NEW rubber goods are available including:

As the largest stocking distributor of Salisbury Rubber Goods in the United States, Hi-Line can eliminate long factory lead times and support your immediate needs. Call (800)323-6606 to check our current inventory.

High Voltage Rubber Insulating Gloves

Low Voltage Rubber Insulating Gloves

One-Finger Mittens

Contoured Cuff Gloves

Flare Cuff Gloves

Insulated Molded Sleeves Type I & II

Insulated Dipped Sleeves Type I & II

Glove Bags

Leather Protectors for Rubber Gloves

Glove Dust/Powder

Sleeve Bags

Buttons, Harnesses and Straps For Sleeves

Blankets, Pole and Line Insulation

Rubber Insulating Blankets Type I & II

Switchboard Matting

Insulating Roll Blankets

Line Hose

Insulator Covers

Conductor Covers
Line Guards

Pole Covers

Cross Arm Guards

Blanket Canisters

Blanket Pins

Tie Straps

Line Hose Canisters

Rubber Lineman Boots And Overshoes

Rubber Accessories  

It is important to regularly protect, inspect, and clean your rubber goods to extend their life and to insure they are still safe to use. Leather protectors, glove/sleeve bags, and canisters should always be utilized.

Click Here to view Hi-Line's article in Incident Prevention on Best Practices for maintaining rubber goods.

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