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Truck Inventory & Replenishing Program
Your next location call is profitable only if the tools you need on-site are available and in good working order in your trucks or trailers. Hi-Line Utility Supply’s Truck Inventory & Replenishing Program saves time, manpower, and money by making sure every tool–from the largest hot stick to the smallest bolt–is accounted for and in a useable condition. Broken tools are repaired. Fiberglass tools are refinished and restored to like new condition. Missing tools are replaced.

Everything is tested, color-coded, labeled and accounted for.

Hi-Line has been providing this service to utilities and contractors, large and small, since 1960. With Hi-Line’s highly trained technicians and repair professionals, state-of-the-art testing center, manufacturer certified repair house, and innovative fiberglass refinishing center, you can be sure that your trucks and trailers will serve you well in the field.

Simplify Your Work Flow Hi-Line Repairs Tools and Restores Fiberglass Equipment Including:
Step 1.
Drop off your trailer or truck at Hi-Line.
Step 2.
Hi-Line inspects, inventories, repairs or replaces, and color codes and labels to customer specifications every tool in the truck.

Step 3.
Pick up your trailer or truck with all tools in perfect working condition and an updated inventory list.

Arms (any kind with and w/o attachments)

Boltcutters (any kind we do handles too)

Boom Lifts and Auxiliary Arms

Cable Cutters

Conductor Supports

Disconnects and Universals

Elbow Pullers

Extension Resistors for Phase/Voltage

Fiberglass Cant Hooks
Gins (Pole, Cross Arm, Transformer)

Handles (for any fiberglass tool)

Insulated Bypass Jumpers

Insulated Insulator Cradles

Insulated Jibs

Insulated Long Reach Cutters & Wrenches

Insulator Dry Cleaning System

Platforms (with and without railings)

Poles (any kind with and w/o attachments)

Shotguns (all kinds and parts)

Spray Sticks

Sticks (any kind with and w/o attachments)

Strain Carriers

Furnishing Quality Tools & Equipment For Construction and Maintenance of Above and Underground Installations.
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