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Hi-Line Services

Rubber Testing, Tool Repair, Custom Grounds, Fiberglass Restoration

Pg. 10-13

Low Pressure Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic Impact Wrenches, Hydraulic Hose, Couplings, Pole Pullers, Gas Powered Portable Pumps, Ground Rod Drivers, Hydraulic Breakers, Propane Hammers, Pole Tampers, Submersible Pumps, Trash Pumps

Pg. 14-18

Electric & Cordless Tools

Impact Wrenches, Hammer Drills, Band Saws, Circular Saws, Sawzalls, Right Angle Drills, Grinders, Breaker Hammer, Core Drill Rig

Pg. 19-21

Gas Powered Drills

Gas Drills, Engine Oil, Pole Bits

Pg. 22-23

Tree Trimming

Long Reach Chain Saws, Utility Pruners, Hydraulic Chain Saws, Hyraulic Hose, Gas Chain Saws, Tree Trimming Kits, Axes, Saws, Shear

Pg. 24-27

Hand Tools

Insulated Tools, Screwdrivers, Twistool, Hammers, Files, Linemans Wrenches, Drawknives, Multitools, Speed Wrenches, Ratchet Wrenches, Skinning Knives, Pliers, Goat Wrenches, Nut Runners, Measuring Wheels, Laser Distance Meters

Pg. 28-41

Bolt & Cable Cutters

Bolt Cutters, Ratchet Cutters, ACSR Cable Trimmers, Hydraulic Battery Cutters, Hydraulic Remote Cutters, Self Contained Hydraulic Cutters

Pg. 42-52

Compression Tools & Dies

Wejtap Tools, Dieless Crimping Tools, Hand Operated Compression Tools, Hydraulic Battery Crimpers, Hydraulic Remote Crimpers, Self Contained Hydraulic Crimpers, Compression Heads, Hydraulic Pumps, Dies, Die Tree

Pg. 53-67

Bags, Buckets & Pouches

Tool Bags, Tool Buckets, Backpacks, Bucket Hooks, Ditty Bags, Blanket Canisters, Line Hose Canisters, Tool Boards, Bucket Covers & Bucket Pads

Pg. 68-72

Lineman Equipment

Bucket Truck Rescue Systems, Staple Sticks, Hardhat Headlamps, GoLights, Portable Lanterns & Flashlights, Lanyards, Harnesses, Body Belts, Holsters, Pole Straps, Fall Protection, Climbers, Tower Fall Protection

Pg. 73-84

Personal Protection

Work Gloves, Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, Safety Glasses, First Aid Supplies, Hard Hats, Hydration Products, Flame Resistant Rainwear, Rubber Boots, Flame Resistant Clothing, Arc Flash Protective

Pg. 85-96

Rubber Goods

Rubber Testing, Rubber Gloves, Glove Bags, Glove Protectors, Rubber Sleeves, Rubber Blankets, Line Hose, Line Guard, Conductor Covers, Pole Covers

Pg. 97-106

Wildlife Contact Protection

Stinger Covers, Bushing Covers, Pole Caps, Anti-Perch Devices, Cutout Switch Covers, & Instant Insulation

Pg. 107

Meters & Testers

Gas Detectors, Ground Resistance Testers, Megohmmeter, Voltage Indicators, Voltage Testers, Phasing Testers, Hot Stick Tester, Ground Set Tester

Pg. 108-121


Grounding Elbow Sets, Grounding Sets, Custom Grounds, Copper Grounding Cable, Ferrules, Ground Clamps, Ground Mats, Grounding Reels, Ground Rods, Conductor Cleaning Brushes

Pg. 122-134

Jumpers, Switching, & Insulators

Jumper Sets, Jumper Clamps, Jumper Cable, Loadbreak Tools, Switching Tools, Cutouts, Fuse Links, Insulators

Pg. 135-145

Pole Line Hardware

Bolts, Washers, Nuts, Lag Screws, Guy Markers, Insulator Pins, Crossarm Pins, Staples

Pg. 146-150

Hot Sticks & Cutters

Ratchet Cutters, Telescoping Hot Sticks, Universal Poles, Measuring Sticks, Clampsticks, Elbow Pullers, Switch/Disconnect Sticks, Universal Attachments

Pg. 151-161

Hot Arms, Gins, Platforms, & Ladders

Extension Arms, Conductor Supports, Transformer Gins, Insulated Platforms, Boom Lifts, Jib Extensions, Ladders

Pg. 162-171

Transmission Tools

Link Sticks, Strain Carriers, Insulator Cradles, Suspension Yokes

Pg. 172-177


Chain Hoists, Pulling Hooks, Strap Hoists, Link Sticks, Capstan Hoists

Pg. 178-185

Slings, Load Binders, & Jacks

Reel Jacks, Load Binders, Blanket Slings, Transformer Slings, Nylon Slings

Pg. 186-190

Block Sets, Hooks, Shackles, & Clips

Slack Block Sets, Handline Sets, Handline Blocks, OxBlock, Hooks, Snaps, Rope Blocks

Pg. 191-195

Stringing Equipment

Payout Reels, Guy Wire Dispensers, Cable Lashers, Cable Blocks, Stringing Blocks, Insulator Lifters, Conductor Blocks, Aerial Wire Markers, Line Bicycles, Sagwatches, Conductempors, Dynamometers

Pg. 196-207

Conductor Grips & Swivels

Conductor Grips, Comealong Grips, Pulling Grips, Stringing Swivels, Clamp Tools

Pg. 208-220

Rope & Winch Lines

Spider System, Handline Sets, Three Strand Rope, Braided Rope, Winch Lines, Line Gun

Pg. 221-224

Digging & Pole Handling

Sledge Hammers, Shovels, Post Hole Diggers, Spoons, Tamping Bars, Pike Poles, Cant Hooks, Lifting Tongs, Transformer Dollies, Pole Pullers, Blanket Slings, Pilot Bits, & Augers

Pg. 225-231

Anchor Installing Tools

Kelly Bars, Screw Anchor Wrenches, Helix Assemblies, & Anchor Rods

Pg. 232-236

Manhole Equipment

Submersible Pumps, Generators, Manhole Lifeguard, Ventilators, Heaters, Pop-Up Shelters, & Shade Tents

Pg. 237-241

Threading & Bending Equipment

Threading Machines, Pipe Cutters, Pipe Heaters/Benders

Pg. 242-243

Underground Cable Placement

Pulling Eyes, Swivels, Couplers, Duct Caps, Conduit Plugs, Duct Rodders, Line Missiles, Winch Line Blower, Pull Tape, Underground Pulling Grips, Cable Guides

Pg. 244-264

Cable Prep Tools

Skinning Knives, Cable Strippers, Semi-Con Scorers, Penta Wrenches, Chamfering Tools, Cable Prep Kit, Lead Sheath Cable Install Tools

Pg. 265-275

Traffic Control

Sign Stands, Sign Panels, Traffic Cones, Pole Transport Markers, Safety Vests, Warning Flags

Pg. 276-279

Truck & Ladder

Hydration Products, Outrigger Pads, Ground Cover Mats, Gang Boxes, & Ladders

Pg. 280-282

Hi-Line Gear

Ditty Bags, Coozies, T-Shirts

Pg. 283

Parts Drawings & Forms

Parts Drawings

Pg. 284-304


Furnishing Quality Tools & Equipment For Construction and Maintenance of Above and Underground Installations.
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